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Why to choose Traveller in Style accommodation choices?

A luxury villa has to be genuinely special to make it into the Traveller in Style portfolio. Our Unique Homes:

  • Are located in magnificent destinations and exclusive locations,
  • Reflect an exquisite sense of design and lifestyle and
  • Represent luxurious “home away from home” experiences, inside and out.

To perfectly accomplish it, we make an inspection visit to select the proper accommodation for you, and check before arrival that there is nothing missing to make your stay as unique as the property to have dreamed for.

Why to choose a TiS unique home over a hotel room?

Although we also offer hotel accommodations, when choosing between the two option, there is simply no competition: a TiS Unique Home is the clear winner. Our Unique Homes:

  • No hotel room or suite or resort can beat the privacy, exclusivity and and the luxury of our villas. Plus, we only select Unique Homes that are as secure as a hotel complex.
  • A TiS Unique Home can even prove to be more value for money for family vacations over multiple hotel suites, in comparison.
  • A TiS Unique Home usually features extended living spaces like fully-equipped kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms as well as outdoor areas including lounging areas, swimming pools, verandas and other facilities. And you can enjoy it all with your loved ones alone.
  • Apart from all amenities and comforts, a TiS Unique Home comes with a dedicated team of experienced staff to cater to your needs. From concierge service to bespoke services designed for you personally, you can make sure that your luxury villa holiday experience is truly unforgettable.

How do I book a TiS Unique Home?

You can use our search tool, or directly contact us via email or by phone, or both! We are at your disposal (24//) to help you identifying what are your holidays needs, and send you the best holiday home options available in your desired dates. Once you have found your perfect match, we will respond with all the necessary forms for your booking and take the required online payment to fully confirm it via card or bank wire. Please don’t book any flights until we have confirmed your villa booking.

Are the dates of availability for the houses up-to-date?

Yes, these are up-to-date, but not updated in real time. Potentially, a reservation could have come in as recently as today or yesterday that has yet to be blacked out on the site. If there is a house you want to book, we will always double check with the owner to verify. We never make promises we can’t deliver on.

Why are the villas not available to be booked online? What does ‘on request’ mean?

We don’t provide online booking for villas where we can’t guarantee availability, but these ‘on request’ villas are, more often than not, available to book by phone. If you’d like to book an on request room, just call us and we will confirm with the property owner whether it’s available.

Do you also have houses for long-term or mid-term rental?

Actually, yes, this is something we do, but not Traveller in Style Unique Homes are available for mid-term or long-term rentals if they are holiday homes, neither the oposite way around. In fact, most TiS Collections are holiday homes – therefore, less than 1 month rental period is available in these properties, only. Please check the villa “amenities” section where you will find this information, or contact us and we´ll clarify this for you.

Can you hold the villa for me for 24 hours?

That’s down to the property own policies. Let us know your villa preference and we will let you know if we can hold it for you.

Can I rent a house for less than a week?

Occasionally, yes, but usually in low season (October to May both included) and it varies by TiS Unique Home. In those cases, we rent for a minimum of 3 nights. This is due to relatively high costs; and since owners prefer renting out for the full week, Saturday to Saturday, to increase potential rental opportunities.

What is the payment schedule?

You pay 50% as a sign payment at the time of signing the leasing contract, and 50% balance due four weeks before arrival. The property will send you an invoice if required. If you are booking within a 4-week window, then we request the amount to be paid in full.

What is the TiS deposit for?

The TiS deposit is a percentage of the stay cost taken to secure your reservation when you book with us. It’s not an addition to the cost of the stay, and is deducted from the hotel booking total. The Smith deposit is fully refundable if you need to cancel, provided you do so in writing before the hotel’s cancellation policy comes into effect.

I made a mistake on my reservation/need to alter my dates – how do I do this?

Contact us to let us know. As long as your amendments don’t conflict with the villa’s cancellation policy (and assuming there is availability), we’ll make any changes you need.

Are you able to guarantee a particular villa?

We can’t always guarantee a specific villa but we can certainly do our best. If there’s a particular villa you’d like to stay in, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

How do I cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so by contacting us, who will review the cancellation policy, contact the property owner for you and be in touch with you once the cancellation has been processed. If you cancel before the villa’s cancellation policy comes into effect, any deposit you have paid will be refunded.

I don’t understand the payment and cancellation policy

We always follow the properties’ own cancellation and payment policies. Any deposit paid will be refunded, provided the cancellation is made within the villa’s stipulated cancellation period.

I arrive in the morning but cannot access the house until the afternoon. Is there any way to check in earlier?

If the house you reserved is not being rented, it may be possible (pending discussion) to check in early. The same applies for late check-outs. On occasion, there may be fees involved, though that varies by owner.

Are airport transfers included?

They are not included in the rental price, unless specified, but our Concierge Services team can arrange transfers for you – just ask when you book or at [email protected].

Can we also rent a boat via your company? Can we book a restaurant? Find a nanny?

Yes! We have a very experienced concierge team in all areas to ensure your holiday is perfect. We have two different concierge packages available, please ask [email protected] for further details.

I want to rent a car through you; how does this work exactly?

We rent vehicles as a concierge service, independent to the villa booking. When you book through us, we pass on your information to the rental company, and they will be ready for you at the airport. You pay there, make a copy of your driver’s license, and hit the road!

I’ve got back from my stay and I’d like to give feedback. Who should I send this to?

If something went wrong with your stay, or if there’s something you think the villa needs to address urgently, please let us know by contacting us [email protected]. Otherwise, after your stay, you should get an email from us inviting you to leave a comment on the villa’s Guestbook – please do, as these are very helpful to other members and the property owners, and we love to hear how your stay went. If you have feedback about TiS, you can also contact us. Anything positive will appreciated, but if you feel our service could have been improved it will be addressed as part of our ongoing improving. If something went wrong with your stay, or if there’s something you think the villa needs to address, please let us know by contacting us.

Do you help find houses outside your porfolio?

We exist for this very reason! Given the many websites online, you could easily overwhelm yourself and get lost in the process. We would be glad to advise you on your Ibizan dream house. Give us a call or contact us here.

I'm a Traveller in Style member. What special treatment do I get?

Whenever you book a Traveller in Style villa through us, you’ll receive a special, life-enhancing Traveller in Style welcome pack on arrival. In addition, you get access to year-round special offers in Traveller in Style Collection of unique homes.

I am interested in buying one of the Villas; how does this work exactly?

Just let us know. We have a go-to real estate agent on the island who can help you. They have all the expertise to steer everything in the right direction.

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